Top 10 Money Making Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

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The trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur, owning a business as a single mom and making it successful is HARD! Fricker! Really hard! Sometimes I wonder how women can ever achieve that work life balance. (Let me know if you've figured it out!) It seems the second we do, the see saw goes flying up and you land flat on your bum. Again. As women in business, we HAVE to help each other, and because of that, I love doing interviews and podcasts, in the hopes that by sharing my entrepreneurial mistakes, it will make it a little easier for some of you.

Recently I got to sit down with Moe Abdou of and really Take a look at some of the main points that we covered from a podcast I did with the amazing Moe Abdou of 33 Voices. You can also listen to the whole podcast here. Meantime, here are some shortcuts!

And Here Are The Top 10 Money Making Tips for Women Entrepreneurs I Covered in My Podcast with Moe Abdou:

1. Entrepreneurship is always a family business. Treat it accordingly and you'll improve the odds of success.
2. If you're focused on chasing revenue and losing sight of your profit margin, you'll be running at a stand still.
3. The early stage of your business cycle is about creating awareness for your brand. Be relentless about your differentiated advantage AND stay focused on your margins.
4. Want to gain leverage? Be vigilant about always giving your customer what she wants, and not what you want her to have.
5. If you don't clean up your messes early in your business lifecycle, they will nail you when you can least afford them. Promise.
6. Only when you quantify everything will you be able to measure real progress.
7. Opt not to focus on winning a greater share of the market, when you can focus on getting a greater share of your client instead.
8. When you compliment and give without exception, you'll get without asking.
9. "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Marilyn Monroe on self-esteem
10. "Get rid of the fun-house mirror and stop doubting yourself." - Warren Buffett to women
11. Bonus Tip: REALLY REFLECT…When in doubt, who do you turn to?

Want More Money Making Tips & Succeeding as a Woman in Business?

I hope so because the list above is just that, a list. I go into a LOT of detail on the podcast. Click here to listen to the actual podcast with Moe Abdou on or check out the SlideShare here. You'll be SO glad you did.

STILL Want More Tips on Making Money?

Well for that, you've got to get the book, inspired by a great, and very tearful conversation with my #1 mentor, dear old Dad: "But Are You Making Any Money?" Get it here on Amazon.

How to Find Moe Abdou:

On Twitter @33voices. On his website: On his blog. I REALLY like this blog titled How to Become An Opportunistic Thinker,  by Jenna Abdou.

Share YOUR money making tips!

Where do you get stuck as a woman in business? Where do you succeed? What is your number 1 tip for making money that you could share with other women entrepreneurs below? Tell us in the comment section!


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