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A few weekends ago, my best friend was in town and she has an amazing background not only in technology but also in video production. So it was a total win/win when she said she’d help set the lighting for the latest batch of YouTube videos I needed to shoot.

Then I got this amazing idea: Put those big blue eyes of hers on camera WITH me so we could see how you guys relate to a different video style than I normally do. (If you haven’t checked out our Profit Goddess! YouTube channel yet, PLEASE, pretty please, do me a solid and check it so we can get to 10,000 subscribers?)

It didn’t take us long to get in a rhythm before we were off to the races shooting content that really just flowed.

I loved the process. It felt easy yet totally on point to delivering our core message: Pricing + Productivity = Profitability. The video in this blog is the first from that shoot and is a super cool one about my favorite killer productivity apps that will change your life, including a deep dive AND demo about how she and I use Voxer for work AND as friends.

Awesome. Next, right?

And it was awesome until it so was-not-awesome. Because something really funky happened.

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A couple of days after the shoot, I had gotten a couple of friends together to create different Voxer channels (you'll see what I mean in the video) and we added someone new to our little back and forth walkie talkie game.

And the WHOLE dynamic changed.

Next thing I knew, one of my very best friends (NOT the one in the video) referenced an inside joke about me not returning her text messages on this newly formed group channel. (Backstory: This friend had been in Hawaii all week with PLENTY of time on her hands and was sending me random silly quotes. I responded, but was doing so on Voxer not on the text string.)

Didn’t actually think much of it.

But then one of the other girls chimed in with something like: "Oh, I know, Marley never returns text messages."

And I was like: Hold the phone. I beg your pardon?

(Really, I was like: WTF???)

And then my bestie from the video chimed in: "She hasn’t returned my texts either!”

And then I saw stars.

Um, hello? I didn’t return her texts over the last few days because she was STAYING with me, IN MY HOUSE. So, correct: I did not text back quickly from the other room.

Party foul on my part.

So what’s the point? See below because the story all wraps neatly into “Fix It Friday.”

Fix It Friday:

  • Every week I’m challenging myself to give you a resource that applies to the content of the blog to help you accomplish one of our top 3 goals at The Profit Goddess! Pricing, Productivity or Profitability, and as you can guess, this week's productivity tool is Voxer!

The Points? Several:

  • Technology is great when used properly.
  • Even when intentions are good, miscommunication still arises so everyone’s got to be flexible.
  • Voxer is STILL way better than texting. Even when a joke can sometimes not feel like a joke, the context is still massively improved by hearing someone’s voice, intonation, etc.
  • I probably did take the whole thing a little too personally, and we’ve since cleared everything up, but progress is definitely not without its little hiccups!

Let us know if you get on the Voxer bandwagon and even more importantly, let us know what you think about this week’s productivity video!

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Have the MOST productive and profitable week ever (pretend I just Voxed you this.) And if you'd like to to be even more productive, check out The 32 Best Productivity Apps To Get More Done in 2020.

xx - Marley

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