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Q1: How did you get involved with the wedding industry?

Answer – Marley Majcher: I started out in the restaurant business after graduating from #Georgetown & marrying a chef. I didn’t set out to getting into the #weddingindustry, but that happened w/ rehearsal dinners, showers etc @ the rest.

Q2: How long have you been in business & what do you do?

Answer – Marley Majcher: I’ve been in the biz since 1991 & currently run @thepartygoddess an event planning firm in LA & have a biz consulting biz. When my book came out, http://amzn.to/1odRYT1 I started doing TV & speaking gigs.

Q3: What have you learned from owning your own company that you think other business owners should know?

Answer – Marley Majcher: That it’s a lot harder than I thought & you always need to have 2x the amount of cash that you think. The keys are your USP & constantly working on your goals & budgets.

Q4: Why are so many companies busy but not making any money ?

Answer – Marley Majcher: Because they build their bizs backwards: based on what they’re good at, not what the market needs.

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