Why Catering To What Your Clients Want Is A Winning Strategy

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Why Catering to Exactly What Clients Want Is a Winning Strategy - #Day5 #YourTurnChallenge

Why WOULDN'T you give your clients exactly what they want? Beats me, but it's amazing how getting what you want seems so simple but the translation gets lost along the way!

Here is the first part of an article that just went up on Entrepreneur Magazine's website by yours truly as a Guest Contributor.

What's It About?

The crux of the article is that by catering to "exactly" what your clients want, and really paying attention to their version of "exactly", not yours, you'll get more business and everyone will be much, much happier!

"In high school, I struggled horribly with geometry. I would stay after school for help, work with study buddies and tutors, but I still could not perform on those blasted math tests.

One day my mom received a recommendation for a tutor who helped creative students with math.This magical creature walked into my house, where I sat annoyed and frustrated to meet yet another person, who like her predecessors would simply not be able to help me. I felt like shouting, 'Listen, lady, let me save you some time here. I can’t do it.'” ...

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To read the rest of the article in its entirety, click here. Enjoy!

P.S. The #Day5 and #YourTurnChallenge refer to Winnie, Seth Godin's right arm who is challenging all of us to blog daily. Get the details here.

P.P.S. Did YOU do the challenge? Why not? Tell me what you think about why catering to exactly what clients want is a winning strategy below!

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