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Let's face it, you might be a little "disinterested," shall we say in whatever you're submerged in right now at the office. Totally get it, I'm kind of antsy right now too. Sometimes it's just hard to get into whatever you actually need to be doing. Happens to all of us. about we take a teeny, tiny break for a super fun quiz?

And hey! This really is work related! I've actually been up to something for the last few weeks – head down and buried because I'm so obsessed with my new productivity quiz that I'm launching to you, right now!:

So...if you could only drink one cock(mock)tail for the rest of your life, which would it be? Click the image to find out!

Which COCKTAIL Are You? – Productivity Quiz

Come on...Just a little curious? Best news ever? (Besides the fact that you don't have to feel guilty because this is about WORK?!) Take the quiz and you'll immediately receive...

  • Your score (and get can share it on Twitter and Facebook to see if your besties agree!)
  • Tips and tricks to beat overwhelm (because the quiz tests your productivity – any chance you could use a little improvement in that department?)
  • Proven ways to ratchet up that score because let's face it:

Why WOULDN'T you want to work less and make more?

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xo, - Marley

P.S. Don't forget to share your results because I'm dying to know! Come on, it'll only take a sec!

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