How To Make A Profit Without Feeling Guilty

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A couple of weeks ago I got off my duff, put down the martini and taught a webinar with a super smart colleague of mine and in order to sign up, you had to list your "biggest pricing challenge." While we KNEW we weren't going to get as many sign ups (because some people just don't want to answer questions like that even when they don't know how to make a profit), we were blown away by the hundreds of responses.

And you know what?

So many of the responses were EXACTLY the same. So similar that I had to do a double, triple, quadruple take and make sure I wasn't being punked by someone signing up multiple times to try and trick mwah.

And you know what x 2?

I was STUNNED, literally, to find out that you guys have the same dirty little secret I did!

You Want To Make a Profit, But Aren't Sure How, AND...


...You had so much more to share. Among your pricing challenges are:

  •  Setting the pricing for your market without overcharging
  • Appropriately handling the competition when they KEEP undercutting you
  • Getting your prospective clients to understand the ginormous amount of time you put in and the VALUE you provide. (You hoo, they'd be S.O.L. without Y.O.U.!)
  • Sticking to your pricing without discounting

I cannot tell you the number of times that people answered something like: I can't raise my prices because...

  • I feel so bad they can't really afford it
  • I feel so bad because they're soooooooo nice
  • I feel so bad because I'm just not sure how to charge what I'm worth in my particular market
  • And on and on

And you know what? What was MY first reaction??? I felt bad! Fricker, we're all alike. We American chick entrepreneurs must suffer some kind of pricing anxiety. And people, people, people!!! Why in the heylllllll do you (we) feel baddddddd for charging for something that you're so good at (and if you're not, that's kind of for another blog), is going to make someone else's life SO much easier, helps you put food on the table and educates your children, and, well, keeps you in Louboutins (if you want my second dirty little secret)?



Ladiessssssss.....and I say ladies, because the ladies were the ones who were feeling all bad like 24/7, you have GOT to get over it. You have GOT to put your big girl underpants on and handle the whole damn thing here. This is no joke. You cannot be in business until you know how to charge and can confidently charge what you're worth, without cowering, without feelinggggg bad!

Question: Are you currently a teensy, tiny bit insecure about your pricing? Not sure if it's too high or too low or how to make a profit? Answer:

Option #1: Yes, I'm up a creek. I'm not pricing perfectly and I’ve sort of been guessing this whole time and I would LOVE some help as long as you don't tell anyone. (We can fix that, click here).


Option #2: No, I am perfect.

If you answered “Yes”, awesome, because we had so much fun tidying up your businesses and answering all of those live questions a couple of weeks ago, that we decided to do it again.


I am hosting a FREE webinar with my good pal and smart playmate, Angela Proffitt titled:

How To Make A Profit - The Fine Art Of Pricing: How To Master 1 Of The Toughest Small Business Challenges - Webinar InfoGraphic - - #smallbiz #eventprofs #profit

"The Fine Art of Pricing:
How To Master 1 Of The Toughest Small Business Challenges"

DATE: Tuesday, February 23, 2016

TIME: 12pm PT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET / 8pm GMT

DURATION: 1 hour

(even if you can’t make it, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording!)


And if you’re perfect, well, please let me know because I love super smart people.

xx - Marley

P.S. What are YOUR top pricing challenges & go to resources? Tell us in the comments below!

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