Who Knew Uber Was the Antidote to Stress?

Like almost all of us who are (or try to be) good at what we do, I fret/think about/whine and stress about my business. Like a lot. I'm always looking to tweak something, fix it, improve, whatever. #ShockerTypeACheckingIn. (Bear with me before we get to the Uber part.)

Today I owed you a newsletter.

But I also needed to check on the blog and came across a quote I evidently choked out at one time or another: "Focusing on a clear picture of reality provides accurate information that will breed positive change."

Well, my very clear picture involved nothing positive.

Because today I had back to back appointments traversing all over town in the magic that is L.A. traffic and a hike that I had to get in lest I bite someone else's head off in my journey of life. Looking at my burgeoning to do list literally made me queasy.

I wanted to barf. Badly.

So I did a little meditation and talked to Baby Jesus about my overwhelm and got an idea. His name turned out to be Wolfgang which is eerie/hysterical because I've been calling my bf Wolfgang over the last couple of days because he actually just started cooking up a storm. Anyhoooooooo, last time I checked my Uber account, I had a credit card on file that worked. And so as luxurious and ridiculous as it seemed at the time, I decided to Uber it to my lunch meeting in West Hollywood.

And sweet Wolfgang and his little magic mobile full of classical music pulled up and I, (pause for drama), pulled out, my laptop.

Guess what was on top of my list?

Right, crafting my ezine and getting it up on the blog. It just had to get done but I couldn't figure out how that was going to happen until I decided to just freaking deal with it and call Uber. Wolfgang drove and I typed.

And my hourly rate is about $450. I tell you that for no other reason than to make the following point: I got the newsletter done in the span of one Uber ride to the west side. I wasn't stressed out, strung out, nor worried about traffic. In fact, I didn't even notice the freeway mayhem(evidently) surrounding me.

The newsletter got written and I netted $426.84.


Wolfie cost me $23.16 and I got to work for an hour and accomplish something MASSIVE on my to do list. Plus, no one was bugging me and my driving wasn't bugging the rest of the world.

Why in the heylllll didn't I do this sooner?

This made me think more and more about business and pricing and how many dumb things we all do every day when we don't stop and THINK about what problems we need to solve and the best way to solve them. We just keeeep doing it “the way we’ve always done it” instead of taking a second to brainstorm a fresh approach.

This afternoon was a game changer for me that I need to repeat. Heads up - it's not like the idea is a new one since every Manhattan tycoon has had a driver since the dawn of time.

And I just poached the idea. In fact, an infinite number of poachable ideas are everywhere, but we’ve got to STOP AND LOOK for them.

So, in case you're in the mood for a few fresh ideas, why not take advantage of the monthly webinars I started doing with my fun playmate, Angela Proffitt.

The next one, “3 Dirty Little Pricing Secrets Your Competition Doesn’t Want You To Know”, is happening on Tuesday, March 22 at 11am PT/1pm CT/2pm ET.

Frick Yes, Save My Spot!

Definitely check it out because they are totally FREE and you've got exactly NOTHING to lose. (If you can’t make it, no worries because we’ll send you the recording.)

Hope to see ya!

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