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“Attention: Event planners, caterers, personal stylists, graphic designers, interior decorators, bakers, solopreneurs and other creative geniuses.”


Are you just desperate to GET OFF THE HAMSTER WHEEL?

Are you overworked, underpaid and feeling completely unappreciated? 

Tired of not getting paid what you’re worth?

Dying to start attracting the clients who will happily pay you what know you should be charging  (and ditch some of those high maintenance bozos you seem to attract in droves)?

Perfect. I can get you there. For FREE. 

So, how’s business anyway?

  • Raking in the cash or wondering how you got “here” in the first place?
  • Is the picture maybe not quite as rosy as when you first started out?
  • This whole small business owner gig starting to feel like it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be?

Sure, you get to work from home (in your pajamas, overrated), and take long lunches or only work 3 days per week if you want (in theory! And when was the last time that happened? Thought so.)  Whether you’re fully responsible for your income or have a spouse who is helping out and always been super encouraging, you might have noticed that unflagging support has turned to a little bit of annoyance. Like when is this “hobby” of yours actually going to pay off? And do you ever have the days  where you SWEAR  you would earn more flipping burgers at McDonald’s than in your own business? (That was actually me. Really, I did the exercise that I now teach countless people, and yup, I would’ve made more at the Golden Arches. Swear.)

But here’s the problem, tell me if THIS sounds right: You would do whatever you have to do, if you just knew WHAT to do? Feel like you’ve tried everything and STILL can’t come up with a true plan of action?



  • Taking on clients you don’t love (nothing makes me just want to binge drink like that one)
  • Settling for less than your ideal income (because the bills still have to be paid and you so need that new client deposit that you figure it’ll work out somehow)
  • Building a J.O.B. rather than a real business. In fact, at this point a J.O.B. sounds, dare we say, freaking appealing? (Hey, at least somebody else would be responsible for payroll.)




With all that to look forward to, it’s a wonder anyone EVER tries to be an entrepreneur at all!

But ready for maybe just a little, tiny glimmer of hope?


I can help you fix that in just 7 days for FREE...



Yup. Pinky Swear.

Here’s the thing. You really can have it all.

  • Clients you love
  • A healthy bank balance
  • A profitable business that makes every day actually enjoyable (and not of the “how will I pay the phone bill” variety of amusement. Eww.)

But if you keep doing what you’ve always done…well, you know how that goes, right? It’s time to make a change. But you probably knew that.

It’s time to take a hard look at the prices you’re charging (and why), take specific, easy steps to get noticed (and hired) by people who will value your worth (yes, they exist and I work with them all the time)—and are willing to pay for your expertise, gladly.


Then, and ONLY then can you create the business you dreamed of when you were first starting out.


Sound impossible or like you’ve heard that all before? (So have I, that’s why I’ve got exactly zero patience for most of the internet marketing garbage out there.) It’s not really impossible though when you realize…


Better (and usually HIGHER) prices attract better clients


Totally sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? But the truth is, the more your pricing is logically based on what you’re worth, the more you’ll enjoy working with your clients, and you won’t resent giving up your old job to do your own thing.

Of course, you can’t just go out and declare that your new rate is $500 per hour…take it or leave it without a strategy behind it.


‘Cause guess what?


Your clients will definitely bail on you. (I’ve done it wrong a “few” times which is why I want to help you get your pricing straight in the first place. Annoys me just thinking about all of my dumb mistakes. Whatever, onward, you can probably relate and that makes me feel better actually. )

If you’ve ever tried to guess at your pricing or just raise or lower it without a plan, and got it all wrong, then you know the outcome:


  • Your current clients FREAK out because you probably forgot to give them the heads up soon enough or reward them for being your loyal customers in the first place
  • Then you have angry clients who can’t see the value in paying you what you’re worth. In fact, now that they think about it, your ORIGINAL prices were too high, tyvm
  • No one knocking on your door with new business (because your prices are now higher than most of the competition and you haven’t sold them on why you’re worth it so why WOULD they hire you?)
  • Days, even weeks go by, without a single paying client who actually signs on any kind of dotted line. Plenty of door knockers, maybe even a few proposals in the works, but once you get to a certain point, they just, poof! go dark. (They were stalking you before that, but not now, nope, now they can’t even call you BACK!! Frickers!)
  • Blah, blah, blah. This letter is getting even a little long for my taste


I’m Marley Majcher, owner of The Party Goddess!, a celebrity based event planning company in LA and leading entrepreneur and pricing expert. Yes, expert. I can say that because I’ve spent the majority of my 24 years in business reading every single thing I could, interviewing and being interviewed on HOW TO FREAKING PRICE. I’m a pricing junky. Really. It’s a super weird obsession, but I’m crazy good at it. And I am OBSESSED with it.  I help businesses become a LOT more profitable (while the big boss gets to work a lot LESS, for real) and in 7 days I’m going to show you how to fix your pricing. Just for strugglers like you and me, ADHD girl finally came up with a formula to fast track the whole pricing process so it happens quickly enough for even ME.


Super creatively (not), it’s called The 7 Day Pricing Challenge


I think in the future I’m going to name it like The Super Magical, Will Also Make You Skinny 7 Day Pricing Challenge, but for now, it’s just The 7 Day Pricing Challenge because I want to get the damn thing up and running. Anyway, in just 7 days I’m going to challenge you with 7 tasks that will transform your business. And you’re going to LOVE it. BUT!!!!!!!


This challenge is NOT for you if…


  • You have no time and energy to invest in your business because you’re just super busy, well, being busy (that’s most people)
  • You are not willing to complete the tasks
  • You don’t want to have a profitable business and earn more for doing what you love
  • You’re the type of person that signs up for everything and then has no time to do anything
  • You kind of like the hamster wheel after all
  • You’re not sure if you really ARE worth charging more



This pricing challenge is PERFECT for you if…


  • You’re serious about your business and want to take it to the next level, yesterday
  • You’re sick of not earning what you should but don’t know how to fix it once and for all
  • Want to grow a profitable business and get better clients who will pay you what you’re worth
  • Are committed to 7 days of simple tasks that will make your business more profitable

That’s actually it. No catch. None. The 7 Day Pricing Challenge is F.R.E.E. The rest is up to you. Because at the end of the day, I can cheerfully and convincingly lead every single horse to water, but I can’t make ‘em drink.

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We hate spam too!
Your info will never be shared or sold to a 3rd party.