Who is Marley Majcher? Small Business Coach.


Marley Majcher, CEO of The Party Goddess!, has planned events for A-list celebs such as Pierce Brosnan and Sofia Vergara. Now, with her book, “But Are You Making Any Money?” she has become a sought-after small business coach, helping entrepreneurs and small business owners face the issues, trends and challenges of today’s business world.


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Double Your Hourly Rate

Ever wonder how you can confidently charge what you KNOW you’re worth, over and over, all the time and not want to run for cover every time someone asks you what you charge?



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Are you ready to take your business to the next level—today?

Do you need clear steps and direction that will actually make it to your wallet and GROW your business?



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Do you have a specific project in mind — whether it be how to tweak your pricing, build your business model, or create your unique selling proposition — and feel like you’re getting stuck doing it on your own?



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A few times a year, Marley presents a fast-paced group online training that you can access in the privacy of your home (think: no travel, no parking hassle, no bad hotel lunch.) These no fluff trainings expose you to timely, specific new concepts that will move the needle in your business immediately. Bring your questions for a post-training, live Q/A.

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Craving personal attention for your business? Want someone to give you one on one, personal direction to quickly overcome your unique business challenges and an immediately actionable plan of attack? Marley gets it when you’re just “done”. Her cut-to-the-root-of-the-problem style is no holds barred. It might sting, but you’ll knowEXACTLY what to do to stop spinning your wheels. Get Personal Coaching


Marley has put her knowledge and expertise gained from real-life business drama experience into several trainings that you can download TODAY to show you how to get more clients, price for profit and take your business to the next level. So antsy for change you don’t even want to wait to schedule a call, no worries, these trainings are all available with the click of a button.

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