#YourTurnChallenge #Day3

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Winnie, via Seth Godin's #YourTurnChallenge #Day3 & Getting Myself Unstuck

Dear Winnie, (for who the heylllll Winnie is, click here).

This is my version of the #YourTurnChallenge #Day3 post is nearly a miracle in the making. 2 hours ago I was in my bed listening to Binaural Brain Waves trying to find some inspiration for#YourTurnChallenge #Day3, and if I'm being honest, fight off the Sunday blues. Note, I didn't say #Day33. Why is this such a struggle? Wow, so interesting for a girl whose productivity would rival that of many small countries, yet to write one blog a day, and I'm suddenly massively intimidated. Anyway, I'm struggling with the daily commitment, but kind of more committed than ever in spite of it. #Snap

For those of you tracking my "journey" on Instagram, I decided at the last minute to head up to one of California's most beautiful, and relaxing spots, Montecito, and the Four Seasons, Biltmore. Home of Oprah and like everyone else it seems. But I'm not in search of Oprah, I'm actually in search of myself. It's mid-January and I'm fascinated with learning about blogging, but have learned enough to now just have to actually DO IT. (By the way, it's not like I haven't been blogging foreverrrrr, it's just that I've been blogging without that strategic plan I so crave.) Anyway, science tells us that images register with the brain 60,000 times faster than just plain text, so I tried every app in the world and came up with my new fav, for it's simplicity, cool "stickers", easy of use, etc.: PicCollage. I'm using #PicCollage to boost the images, and hopefully, the friendly, sticky readerability of my blog.

Ever Feel Like You Just Have to Get Away?

One of my tried and true "get unstuck" business rituals is to just jet. Get out of dodge. Often in January I've headed to Belize, to just recharge, write, think and figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I've figured the big picture stuff out, but the "exactly which clients with whom I want to work" part, needs t0 get refined continuously, in my opinion, because we really lose sight.

And I'm choosing to do it in beautiful surroundings, by the beach, with my #Nugget's Mom super close by to show me the lay of the land, and a martini or two. Truth be told, I'm obsessed with shipping container houses right now and want to get one and assemble it (a few?) up here and potentially open an office. There you go, cat's out of the bag. This is not a for sure thing. Doing my market research, seeing what's missing in the world of parties and events up here (maybe nothing?). Need a place for my chickens and my soon to be miniature goat, and to just, well, be by myself. Can anyone relate? I'm having that recurring convo of "how did I get hereeeeee."

It is Not Easy Street

The journey of an entrepreneur is a long, lonely, windy one. One, unfortunately, or very fortunately, I have a LOT of experience on. The one thing I know is that entrepreneurship is just like children: You can't live with them, and I certainly can't live without this way of being. I'm my own boss, can fire the wrong anything at will, decide to have neon pink chickens on my website, post silly things on Instagram, and oh, suffer the consequences too. And right now I'm just propelled by Winnie and her challenge, some hot lemon water my sweet Biltmore bartender at Ty Lounge,  just refilled, and the most beautiful environment in which to write. To you.

Tell me about your entrepreneurial journey in the comments below. What's working, what's not and how I can help? Don't forget Winston: "Never, ever ever ever ever give up."

Good night, week, hello Monday!

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