About 2 months ago a friend of mine convinced me to take golf lessons with her. I literally could think of nothing more unappealing as I've dodged this sport my whole life, coming from a family of golfers. However, she's a good friend, was dating a new fun guy who golfed and let's face it, yours truly could use the exercise.


Last Friday we struck out on our own for the first time without our teacher. Just us.

And it was positively, totally and completely humiliating. Literally, humiliating.


I started out proud that I actually figured out how to get a tee time online, but the luck stopped there, here is a list of just SOME of our lameness:

1, We checked in at the wrong counter for the wrong course.

2. We couldn't figure out how to start the cart. I mean since when does "F" mean go?

3. We got to the first hole, pulled out our clubs and I asked my playmate where the balls and tees were. Um yeah. I thought the tee time came with a "whole set up". So she runs to get tees and balls and again we start

.4. Then we couldn't seem to remember ANYTHING our pro taught us, didn't get any balls in the air, but absolutely got plenty of grass flying.

5. I thought it was going to be chilly and wanted to look fashionable so wore some pants that were more than a little snug, to say the least. Good for the flying grass, not good for my swing. #HelloMuffinTop

6. On to hole 2 and the sweet bar cart girl came flying after us with four clubs because I also didn't realize clubs don't stay in the back of a cart without a freaking bag.

7. At the end of hole 2, I needed the putter and realized, oh snap, it went flying off the back again and we need to hunt it down. AGAIN.

8. We lost a ball, thought we found it (which seemed odd because we had just looked in that spot), picked up the ball, used it and then saw these poor guys hunting around for "their" ball. Yep, we're lame golfers and burglars too.

9. Once the clubs were all secured, my associate downed a vodka to make the whole situation more bearable and we thought we were ready for hole 3. But noooooooo, "hole 3" was actually hole 9 of the other course (thus why we didn't really recognize people) and hadn't noticed the scorecard came with a damn MAP to find your way.

10. Before we totally gave up, the "Ambassador", who we were convinced was going to throw us off the course, sped up to see if the guys behind us could go ahead - MORTIFYING - and then just kept saying: "You girls got this. You got this." Oh no ma'am, this is one thing we definitely ain't got.


Then it hit me. Business is EXACTLY like golf. When I first started my own company, EVERYTHING was a complete clusterf--k. I felt like I was learning a new language like 4 times a day and it took forever to make any progress. But then slowly I went from not just knowing the textbook definition of "Cost of Goods Sold" to actually being able to SHRINK my Cost of Goods Sold. But it took a lot of practice.


It took showing up, over and over and over again until the patterns started to look familiar and the numbers actually made sense. You just have to stick with it.


So if you are stuck in your business, totally frustrated, feeling overwhelmed or frankly just plain stupid, I. GET. IT. Boy, do I. Humble pie was delivered to me about 4 hours ago so I decided to write me a newsletter and vent.


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