Really I am forced to share this because it is so strange I think I'm still dumbstruck. I am going to disguise a few of the details so as not to insult my hosts but this entire thing is 100% true. Last weekend I was in San Francisco on a panel for an amazing event and was surrounded by ridiculously smart, cool entrepreneurs, business owners and visionaries from all over the world, literally. After a great day of learning and networking I was really lucky to be invited to a special dinner at a very hot, hip restaurant with my husband and maybe 25 other people. After a couple of cocktails and really amazing conversation a woman approaches me whom I've never met. In fact, never seen before this night. Want to be really clear that we have had no previous connection whatsoever. No acquaintance situation here, NOTHING. Since the book came out this is happening a little bit more often but it's hardly as if I'm getting booed at Spamalot or anything. It's just that it wasn't COMPLETELY foreign to me that a random individual would tap me on the shoulder. Lest you think my head has gotten to big by this point, fear not!

Here's where it gets good. She proceeds to tell me how much she admired me, loved my look and my "aura" (remember, we were in San Francisco), lays it on pretty thick. This not having been my first rodeo, I smelled there might be a little more to this tiny situation than initially met the eye. Natch! Once the compliments subsided, she proceeded to mention that she was on her way out, but just wanted to stop and introduce herself. She then said that she just had to come up and tell me that she hated my hair.

Correct. She h-a-t-e-d my hair.


Am I now a newscaster? Do people now think they can just come up and hit me with the beeeyatch stick? My new friend next to me literally gasped. Gasped. I just sat there. I, for once in my life was actually speechless. Totally speechless. So I just responded with an "ok, you know, I was thinking about changing it, but I've been getting a lot of compliments..." Really, I had been getting a lot of compliments on it although I'm not sure I love it so much now that it's a little longer. But wait, there's more! Then she goes on to say, "I mean, what's this in the back?" And kind of makes a motion that it's too long. I'm thinking - Do I look like Billy Ray Cyrus? Are the Punk'd people en route? Did my husband give this chick $20 to take the wind out of my sails after a great evening??


Who says that to someone??? Who comes up to someone at a private dinner party in a truly glorious setting and says, um, got to run, but just needed to impart a little wisdom on you. Just needed you to know that you look like heyyyyyllllll.

After this cheerful interlude, she reiterated how nice it was to meet me, how great it was to connect and oh by the way, don't forget to do something about that hair. I turned around to ask the gentlemen at the table if they had ever, EVER IN THE COURSE OF THEIR ENTIRE BUSINESS LIVES been approached by a STRANGER to announce that they hated their hair?? Has my sweet husband had anyone show up and say, hey, how's that muffin top comin'? Any man ever been approached with a query about how's that Rogaine workin' for ya?

Not since my FABBBULLLLOUS encounter with Ms. Patti Stranger and the treats over at The Millionaire Matchmaker that were excitedly broadcast worldwide did I ever think that someone would come up to me again, in person, no cameras, no flunkies to take the heat and mention that I was unfortunate to look at. Not that they wouldn't think it mind you, but WHO SAYS THAT????? Who takes the time to run over and take one for the team here???

Since I do have a slight tendency to exaggerate just a wee bit, if you would like the email of my sweet friend Taryn of Everyday Genius to verify this thing in its entirety, please just ask. I would be HAPPY to share the love and you can ask her for yourself.

And how was YOUR weekend?

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