During the day do you feel that you’re focused on the most important money making tasks you could possibly be handling?

Are you able to direct your attention in concentrated chunks of time to what you set out to accomplish when you get to work?

Do you start out with a really good plan and end up getting tossed around the ocean of life like a small light-weight bottle in the midst of a lot of overbearing gigantic waves?

At the end of the day, do you feel refreshed, satisfied and accomplished with how the day went?

Are you so inspired today with how today was that you just can’t wait to get up and handle it tomorrow with a vengeance?

If you answered “No” to some of these questions, don’t worry! All you need is a little jump start. I started with way more than one “No” when I asked myself those questions, but now I am back on track. What’s the secret? Tracking your time!

How can tracking time make such a huge difference? Well, here is what I came to realize:

1) Be more efficient. Well, that might seem obvious at first, but let’s take minute to think about it. How much time are you spending on activities that will help increase your revenue? How much time are you spending on little tasks here and there that are not worth your time? Think of some things that you could delegate to someone else. Maybe even allocate a time frame for tasks like answering emails so that you don’t have to stop every few hours to respond to one email, therefore, taking away time from your main projects.

2) Make more money. If you keep track of where and on what activities you are spending most of your time, you can decide to cut down on non-money making tasks. Prioritize your activities for the day and allocate most of your time to those that will bring in the moolah! Also, if you track how many hours you spent making phone calls to a client, you are entitled to bill them for those hours! The money eventually adds up and you’re not wasting your precious time.

3) Have more free time! Have you ever arrived home late after a long day at work and didn’t feel like you got anything done? Or you get home and have no energy left over to spend time with your family? We can change that! Rewind a bit and track your activities, no matter how small, and you’ll start seeing where all your time is being spent. Next thing you know, you’ll be coming home early! That’s right, e-a-r-l-y.

So start today! Write down every minute you spend on each task or activity. Big or small, it still counts! Then look back and see how you can cut back on certain tasks or spend more time on more important ones. You’ll notice your wallet getting fatter and your work days getting shorter.

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