Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in Cal Poly Pomona’s COM Day. This annual event is hosted by the Communication Department and the students schedule a great line-up of experts!

This year’s theme was ‘mapping your voyage to success’. The speakers shared their experience with the students on a variety of topics including personal branding, journalism, entrepreneurship (that’s where I came in!), and speed networking. It was such a great conversation about some very hot topics that are emerging in the business world! I wish you all could have been there!

I can’t even imagine what an exciting, fast-paced world these students are about to enter! But even as seasoned entrepreneurs, we are certainly going to have to look out for the next generation of these tech-savvy, networking pros.

No matter what age and what level of experience, just remember that you can never stop learning and growing. Take a look at your calendar and if you’re not attending at least one or two industry-specific conferences each year then you are missing out. The speed at which information is shared and technology changes is getting faster every day. Don’t get left behind!

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