What Does Hangry Mean? (Don't Worry, You're Not Melting)

Well, not yet at least.Instagram - What Does Hangry Mean?

Ahhh, the glamorous life of an entrepreneur, you get to lay in a velvet chaise while you're grapes and fanned with palm leaves... Said no one ever.

Here at TPG HQ, if we're not pulling our hair out or banging our heads on our desk at least once a week, we're doing something wrong. In the midst of prepping for Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine's Day, we took a trip to the dollar store for (what I thought was) quick inspiration.

Two hours and three shopping carts later, this little distressed assistant was caught in the rain Googling, "How to open trunk on Mini Cooper when remote is dead." (Hey! Don't judge, it's not that easy to find!). Finally, I get this "trunk" to open and start stuffing the entire dollar store in the mouse hole.

Damn those fancy foreign cars!

After successfully loading the cars, there we were. At 3pm, stuffed in the Mini Cooper, Marley's running late for her 3:15 hair appointment, and still hadn't had breakfast. So what DOES hangry mean?

Wikipedia defined Hangry as hungry and angry, especially when the anger is induced by anger.

Symptoms include:

• Feeling like Mercury is in retrograde (by the way, it is)

• Stomach as hollow as a drum

• The feeling of wanting to literally chew everyone's face off


Causes of being hangry may include:

• Non-stop meetings

• Having an unacceptable peanut butter to jelly ratio on your fave PB&J

• Stepping outside with no make up

If you think you or a loved one is diagnosed with hangry, please use the nearest drive thru. You'll thank us later.

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What Does Hangry Mean to YOU?

Tell us about your traumatic experiences in the comments below! We're DYING to hear!

-Mackenzie V

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