Super Simple Business Tips

I'll keep this list super simple. If you're looking for a few quick tips to get your biz back on track...look no further.

* Go Shopping…for Vendors that is!  Is your local printer really cutting you the best deal in town? Finding the right vendors can save you a ton of money in the long run.

*Job Cost Down to the Last Latte! To really see where you’re losing money, you must track and categorize every expense for your small business into A's (cost of goods sold), B's (time) and C's (lattes and parking tickets).

*Time is Money! Tracking your time has numerous benefits such as helping you identify which aspect of your business is sucking up all of your energy and not giving a very good return on investment!

*Ditch the Corner Office! Its time to get lean, mean, and serious about cutting expenses. If office rent is killing your bottom line, then ditch it!  That’s why they invented Starbucks!

*Join the Online Social– Online social networking allows you to market your business and build advantageous connections at practically zero cost. Hop on Twitter and “tweet” all the way to the bank!

So what do you think? Give me your comments and feedback below. And, oh, by the way, don't forget to tell a friend if you like what you see! xo


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