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Do you know the difference between a business and a hobby? Most people don’t…But the answer is making MONEY.


Not only do most people not have a specific plan to actually

  • identify their target customer,
  • communicate their unique selling proposition or
  • set their pricing,

...most people just copy the competition, close their eyes, cross their fingers and hope their bank balance doesn’t have a “-“ in front of it.

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What's In The Video

  • I’ll talk you through our profitability method that will show you how you can create bulletproof, perfectly optimized pricing
  • Learn to engage the kinds of customers who will cheerfully pay you what you’re worth without haggling!
  • Here's the video about profitability: Check it out here!

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  • And then because I wanted to make this whole thing cohesive, I actually turned this into a free mini course which you can access below:

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Fix It Friday

  • Every week I’m challenging myself to give you a resource that applies to the content of the blog to help you accomplish one of our top 3 goals at The Profit Goddess! Pricing, Productivity or Profitability.
  • Here is this week's resource, and it's a classic! Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill will transform your thoughts about money (as the title indicates! 😉 and help you prepare your mind to administer wealth.

xx - Marley

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