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How does an individual with ADD work without Adderall?

Honestly, I'm not sure, but the only way my brain thinks straight is with LISTS! (Odd, I know.)

Why? Because lists:

  • Are like a massive bail out package
  • Can save your rump and YOU LOT OF TIME
  • Costs practically zero to maintain

And I just read that very probably, Leonardo Da Vinci suffered from ADD, like a LOT of other people in the event planning world, including yours truly.

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So what does yours look like?

Your checklist?

Wait? You don't have one? Do you know that in Atul Gawande's book, The Checklist Manifesto, "researchers found that simply having the doctors and nurses in the ICU create their own checklists for what they thought should be done each day improved the consistency of care to the point that the average length of patient stay in intensive care dropped by half.

Let's say you're an event planner or florist or run a venue and with one little list, (you) were able to cut your costs by half? Yup, totally possible. Mr. Gawande studied the subject sixteen ways to Sunday and the results were mindboggling. I mean, it's pretty amazing to get someone out of the ICU in half the time. As a lot of you know, a couple years ago I was in the hospital one level down from the ICU and let me tell you, I would've done ANYTHINGGGGGGGG to shorten that stay.

The bottom line is that the greatest minds ALL had a specific process(es) and lists in order to be at the top of their games. Think Beethoven, Mozart, and DaVinci, just a few of the minor successes of our world.

Yup, they all had a regimen. I've got mine. What's yours?

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xx - Marley

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