How To Price Your Product or Service...

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If you're anything like I was and totally confused about how to price a product or service, slightly impatient and desperate to charge what you're worth once and for all, then you've come to the right place! By now, you might be over this whole self study - how to price thing, practically before it even started. I get it and I have a solution.

Click here and I'll walk you through the whole how to price a product or service process, start to finish, while you sit back and relax. For an investment of just $247 (this is a $500+ value based on my normal coaching rates), we'll meet virtually and I'll nail your hourly rate, step by step. Then, you can fix it once and for all and FINALLY charge what you're worth. It's really that easy!

Ready to charge what you're worth?

Just take these 5 easy steps:


  1. Click on the button below that says “Register Here!” so I can tell you how to price a product or service the EASY way.
  2. You'll be directed to a page to insert your credit card info. Do that (takes one minute).
  3. A thank you page with a link to schedule your session with me will pop up so just pick your time and give me the number to call when prompted.
  4. Show up and let me do all the work.
  5. You’re done. Hourly rate handled and you will finally know EXACTLY how to price a product or service and charge what you're worth. NEXT!