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Need To Stay Focused? Try These Strategies! - The Profit Goddess LogoDo you usually have about 17 things on your mind at any given time? If you're a regular adult person, you probably do. And if you're a business owner, you probably need to double that number to be even close to accurate. Because that's how life works in the world of business ownership. Not only are you keeping track of your regular-person life — do taxes, get dog food, finish big work/home/life project — you also have the responsibilities that are part and parcel of owning and running a business. You know, minor stuff like paying the bills, making a profit, overseeing your staff, dreaming up your next big idea, etc. So if sometimes you feel like you have a hard time concentrating, it's no wonder! Even the most diligent, single-minded person can have trouble trying to stay focused when they have an overload of things to keep track of.

So you might be Super Entrepreneur Person (complete with cape and muscly abs), but you're also still human. Giving a task your undivided attention for any amount of time is hard given the ADD-ness of small business. As for managing to stay focused on big-picture, long-term goals and projects? OMG, that's damn near impossible half the time! Or is it? Yes, half the time it actually is. But what about the other half? Let's talk about how to make good use of that time.

Alrighty, it seems I'm having a hard time staying focused on writing about how to stay focused. I just took two phone calls, inhaled some lunch, and had a quick pow-wow about an upcoming event we're doing. But now I'm back. So where was I? Yes, focus... that thing we're all trying to do more of.

How To Keep Distractions At Bay and Stay Focused!

Even if you're bombarded constantly with matters that only you can handle, you can still set aside time for uninterrupted work and thought. In fact, it's essential that you do this. Schedule a meeting for just yourself if necessary. Put a sign on your door. Block it out in your calendar. Tell your people to leave you the heck alone! Do whatever it takes to ensure that you have time. Then, focus your thoughts on whatever it is that you've decided for that session.

To help you get down to business quickly, it helps to organize your thoughts the night before. Also, try to do your big-picture thinking at the time of day you feel most alert and fresh. For most, that's in the morning (in my case, not until after the coffee has kicked in). Feel yourself fading? Move around or stretch; getting your blood pumping can reinvigorate your mind. Don't answer your phone or look at texts! Even 15-30 minutes of being "unreachable" can be productive if you really focus.

I know you can't always have a special "me time" session, so what else can you do on a regular basis to help stay focused? Try creating a visual reminder of your goals, something you'll see often. Tackle the day's most challenging jobs first, thereby leaving you free later in the day for the more routine stuff that doesn't require as much mental agility. And very important, guard your time carefully! You don't need to respond or jump to every request made of you. Remember, you are the boss of you, just remember to act like it!

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Be Oh So Quotable This Week!

I always say running a business means the work never ends! Ain't that the truth? I bet your to-do list is a mile long! Make sure that the items at the top of your list are the things that relate to being more profitable. Everyone is so proud of being so "busy"...But Are You Making Any Money? Don't be too busy to focus!

Check out the summary of last week's business tips and motivational quotes from my Instagram page which you hopefully got to see in real time! If not, let's make sure we're following each other on Instagram!! So...here is this week's roundup of Instagram images of My Top Business Tips and Motivational Quotes.

Stay Focused – Tip #1:

Need To Stay Focused? Try These Strategies! - Henry C Link quote

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"While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior." – Henry C. Link

Stay Focused – Tip #2:

Need To Stay Focused? Try These Strategies! - Peter Block quote

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"Why do anything unless it is going to be great?" – Peter Block

Stay Focused – Tip #3:

Need To Stay Focused? Try These Strategies! - Stephen Hawking quote

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"Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it." – Stephen Hawking

Stay Focused – Tip #4:

Need To Stay Focused? Try These Strategies! - Arnold Schwarzenegger quote

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"You can have results or excuses. Not both." – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Stay Focused – Tip #5:

Need To Stay Focused? Try These Strategies! - Gary Keller quote

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"You need to be doing fewer things for effect instead of doing more things with side effects." – Gary Keller

Let's talk! I'd love to hear about your strategies to stay focused!

Do you have a hard time trying to stay focused, or are you one of the lucky ones who's figured out how to do that? I would LOVE to hear from you! Anyhoo...I publish these business tips and motivational quotes to get you fired up for your work week!

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