Motivation Monday: Win Your Battles! - Good Vibes Only sign

OMG guys! Marley decided to make this wacky #MotivationMonday video wearing a neck brace! You have to check this out!

I guess since she's on a roll, we should be too...? Not sure, but I do know that everyone automatically got their butts in gear after this! Oh, and she was talking pretty darn fast, so here's a quick recap of the things you'll need to know (and buy, like right now):

  • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
  • A "Shank Tractor" device (I tried to find this online... it's a tractor piece. Yep, like to plow. I think my acupuncturist got it overseas so you'll need to type "Neck Traction Device" into Amazon to find it!)
  • doTERRA's Motivate Blend
  • Ground Flaxseed & Hemp Hearts (for your morning shake)

Now even though it's (most likely) not Monday anymore, here's a little something to get you motivated!! Charge what you're worth, get more clients, and take your business to the next level by downloading the FREE report at!  #You'reWelcome

UPDATE: It's Marley again! We were back live for a bit of a #TroubleTuesday. I'm not sure if that's even a thing, but we tried hard to make it one. Should've been more like TroublED Tuesday! Watch this one and let me know if I'm getting any better at this live thing...

UPDATE #2:  And we were back AGAIN today! Clearly the Shark Connector, Shank Contractor, Shank Tractor thing is a hit & a new fashion accessory #FashionWeek2018HereICome! I really think this is the worst one yet. I mean I haddddd to put my caftan on while the dingy was around my neck? Fabulous.

I watched this back and, of course, laughed at myself but, don't forget - THE Gloria Gaynor liked yesterday's video. So, there you have it. Life made. I can die happy.

Also, I'm pretty impressed because we are on a roll with these videos! What will tomorrow be? Not sure yet, but tune back in!

UPDATE #3: I almost didn't (couldn't!) do a video today. I am just EXHAUSTED. Shout out to Kim K because being a video star is actually so much harder than we freakin' think! I'm now changing my bio to say: #WannabeYoutubeStar. It's really not far-fetched. We're getting there. Anyway, a little lesson here is just keep grinding no matter how tough it gets! See you manana. (BTW, Gloria Gaynor liked yesterday's video too!! BRB, dying.)

UPDATE #4: Someone call sweet Baby Jesus because WE DID IT. A WHOLE week of clown videos for my friends, I mean fans. Today's episode was all about channeling every God we could. How do you do that? Sit next to Buddha holding a Baby Jesus sign while speaking Greek to a Greek God. #YesReally. I think we're on the way top becoming YouTube Stars. What do you think? Ok, well I really mean Wannabe YouTube Stars. Want to know wtf I'm talking about? Watch the video below and share this page with your friends that could use a laugh at my expense.

How do you feel about this video series? Honestly. Let me know in the comments below!

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