I hate to repeat something you've heard a million times, but I will. In business, time is money.

So when I ask you if you're truly making any money, and you’re disappointed with your answer, it might be time to take a look at how you are spending your time throughout the week.

I bet you’ll find you are wasting hours every week that you could be saving. At some point, we all do. But to be more productive and more profitable in your business, you will have to do what it takes to make the best use of your time.

While there are tons of ways to plug the time drains in your business, from delegating tasks to organizing your office, one of the simplest ways to save time is make use easily accessible technology to your advantage.

Here are a few of my favorite time-saving tools:

Rescue Time
Let’s face it. Many entrepreneurs have ADD tendencies. If you’re not quite sure exactly how time slips by, this tool will help you track what you’re doing all day. Find yourself getting distracted? You can actually create “focus time” by setting this tool to temporarily block websites that call your name.

Teux Deux
If you’re a big “to do” list person, you’ll love this tool. Scrap the scribbles on random sheets of paper, and get with the times with this minimalist browser-based check-list maker. (And, yes, you can sync it with your iPhone.)

Google Desktop
Aren’t you addicted to how easy it is to Google whatever info you need? Well, Google Desktop allows you to search the files saved on your computer just as easily. So if you accidently saved something in the wrong folder or can’t remember what you named a file, this will allow you to find it fast.

Project Management
Basecamp has several features that help you stay super productive, including scheduling, team spaces for collaboration, and document centralization so that you don't have to jump over to a repository like Dropbox. There are dozens of project management tools available (we're fond of Evernote!). Before you decide which is best for your business, compare the top-rated management apps at The Best Project Collaboration Alternatives to Backpack.

Auto Scheduling
Stop with the back and forth emails and phone calls already! These days, scheduling meetings and booking appointments couldn’t be easier, and there are lots of tools available to fill up your calendar efficiently. Popular options include Google Calendar and Accuity. If you’re a company that books appointments from the public, OpenCal could be your time-saving answer.

When working on improving your productivity (and, by default, increasing your profitability). The most important thing is to figure out what’s draining your time, and then get resourceful. There are tools out there to help you save time.

So, do you have any favorites I didn’t cover here?

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