just stay in bedHow To Find Motivation By Staying In Bed

At least 4 days a week I hike. I hike and try very hard every day, not just the days that I hike, to hit 10,000 steps. 10,000 steps is supposedly the magic number to be healthy. And I go to the naturopath. Voodoo for a pretty-much-physician that you see when the other traditionalists can't figure it out. I go to the naturopath and take like 25 kinds of supplements to help my adrenal glands and strengthen?/moisten? - not sure what she's doing - my eyes (dry eyes). Then I have some magnesium powder called Calm. This is supposed to Calm me down, after I do 1-2 minutes of jumping jacks upon rising to help my adrenal glands. Evidently they need a lot of help. As I type this though, it's really more about my Cortisol levels I think in the morning that aren't going up when they should and then shooting too high when they shouldn't - too much fight or flight like a tiger chasing you.

And then I proofread. And sometimes I don't blog because I am worried that I won't get the green light on my SEO for the blog. But then I read that Seth Godin says to just blog. He and his assistant, Winnie, had this contest about just blogging. Just show up and blog. And today I just decided to discover how to find motivation. I decided it was best discovered by staying in bed.

So here I am, writing to you, in my bed, talking about how to find motivation.

But here's the crazy part. I found it. Seth was right, and so was that genius Olympian I wrote about a few weeks ago. Sometimes it's not about the push or the next hike or the SEO. Sometimes it's about the opposite. So I picked up a magazine that was lying around from my last plane ride - of which there have been 5 billion lately, so I'm not sure which one it was. It's called Interior Design. Evidently this is Number 4. 4th edition? 4th they've ever put together? Not sure exactly. I literally had no energy to hike, or learn about SEO, or even take my powders. All I had in me was to read this magazine and try to inspire something in this tired head.

And then, in my journey of how to find motivation, I found it.

Yes, I found it in my bed in the form of an article called Luxury at the Ends of the Earth. It's about a lodge at the Awasi Hotel that overlooks a glacial lake, Lago Sormiento de Gamboa and it looks very peaceful and there is a native tongue that the locals speak that sounds magical - Tehuelche. And there are these animals called Guanacos (do you capitalize Guanacos?) that are very common, but I've never seen them and I want to. And so I'm going to go there. You think I am joking until you see the photos from the magical trip. Not sure exactly when, but very soon.

Because in the land of Tehuelche speaking people who gaze at the guanacos, I can't imagine it's anything but very serene - the architects - Felipe Assadi Arquitectos - want to meet them - didn't want to disturb the "craggy landscape" and the color story was built around nature like "lichen." One of my favorite words/things to see in nature. It might have been the designer of the interiors, Paula Gutierrez Erlandsen y Asociados, want to give credit where it's due.

And the other day I watched a movie called The Intouchables and I thought it was going to be very dumb, except it opened with the song, September, by Earth, Wind and Fire and so I gave it a shot. And I haven't been able to think about much else since this movie because it was so inspiring. The main guy is a quadrapelegic and he finds a caregiver from the very other side of the tracks with whom he connects. It's a strange match that works. And I found a great intern who tried for 6 months to get the job and now has it. (She is not from the other side of the tracks, I'm just saying she must thinks it's very strange how her boss works in bed 10 feet from her.) She is paid to sort out what happens in my brain and keep everything together and I feel like that quadrapalegic in the movie who is challenged, but has someone who really helps him. So if all goes south in the Andes, or wherever I'm headed, maybe Kate can give me sponge baths and do a better job of sorting out what's in my brain. (She will inevitably quit moments after reading this post.)

And so there is today's blog. I didn't care (too much about SEO), plus it was fun to write in run-on sentences and I'm now motivated (if for no other reason to call my travel agent.) I now re-believe in the concept of interns and would love it if you told me in the comments below if any of this resonated, made sense or if I should just go to the Andes and stay in order to come up with a different approach than one's bed for "how to find motivation." Make it a great one, and perhaps that just might involve a nap? xx

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