Many of you know that I just did an intensive in Cabo San Lucas in partnership with my girl Nicole Matthews ( and Ali and Sheri of Lifestyle Villas (

 I don't even know how to start this blog but to say for those of you who missed this one, you NEED to put it on your calendar for next January because it's a keeper. Lifestyle Los Cabos provides ridiculous houses, professional concierges, butlers, destination specialists, housekeepers, cooks and private drivers that are all trained to make your experience impeccable. And they've pulled it off. Check out the freakin' house where we got to stay and conduct the intensive. RIDICULOUS! It's two doors down (and in the same complex) that 50 Cent, P. Diddy, The Kardashians, Little Kim, Carmen Electra & Lil John stay and just down the PRIVATE beach from where my wannabe bff, George Clooney has his vacays with chica du jour. Basically what Lifestyle does is pretty much handle everything for you. You pick the kind of accommodations you want - house, villa, whatever and book your flight. The villas literally have everything - gorgeous bed linens, artwork, lighting, sound system, palapa for breakfast, the works. Then they pick you up from the airport, have the chef stock the house with your favorite vittles (for me Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut M&M's, natch.) Then they make sure you have dinner reservations, massages beach side or just in your living room, provided by the ridiculous Suzanne Morel (more on that later) and you're off the the races. It's just absolute paradise. What an amazing way to learn or just relax and let someone else handle it. Yesterday we were truly gifted with the amazing site of a gray whale playing just outside our patio. It was just the most unbelievable experience. So for your next sojourn, just let Sheri and Ali of Lifestyle handle it and call it a day. You'll be SOOOOO glad you did.
Details of Our Stay:
Cheque ( - LIFESTYLE Driver extraordinaire. Picks you up at the airport so you don't need to deal with any nasty taxis, gives you an ice cold bottle of water and a super refreshing towel to tidy up for your drive. So sweet, helpful and informative, you'll think you need a driver at home too.Daniel ( - LIFESTYLE Concierge - LOVE him. He's the go to guy for everything for your stay. He makes sure you've got dinner reservations (super swanky or just down and local like I like it), delivers snorkel gear so you can just walk out the back door and putz around (he just showed up as I'm typing this). He also makes sure you've got the exact breakfast cooked waiting for when you get up, including coffee, slightly tan and perfectly sweetened, just how I like it.El iTaKate Catering ( - Love their mantra - "No Menu, No Rules, Spontaneous Cuisine." Yea! They provided this super decadent lunch of lobster rolls, flank steak sandwiches, little coconut chicken salad leaves and white chocolate dipped strawberries and ridonculous Mexican cookies and pastries. Their service was so attentive, professional and sweet, I need them to move in with me.A Matter of Taste Breakfast (  - The morning of the seminar we started with a fabulous spread from A Matter of Taste. You think you have tasted fruit until you taste fruit in Mexico and then you realize that everything else you've been eating has been a fraud! We were treated to delicious muffins, cinnamon rolls that made you want to cry they were so good and of course the aforementioned fruit! We met A Matter of Taste last year when they attended our workshop and treated us to a crazy delicious dinner. They continue to blow us away with their quality. Suzanne Morel ( - Not even sure what to say. LOVE HER and her staff. The morning of my flight I realized I hadn't had time at home for a mani/pedi so I emailed Susana from Lifestyle to see if I could get a little bit of love. She hooked me up with Suzanne's team who showed up with all of the gear, towels, soaker baths, scrubs and relaxing music I needed (as well as my favorite neon pink nail polish and an acidy green one for my toes - nirvana) and just whipped me back into shape. Truly what an in house massage experience should be like, all while I gazed out at the Sea of Cortez.Annie Murphy and Pez Gato Marine Adventures / Tropicat Cabo ( / - If you are looking for the best experience to enjoy the water in Cabo look no further than Annie Murphy and her team at Pez Gato Marine Adventures & Tropicat Cabo. The sunset cruise aboard her catamaran was stunningly beautiful. What's better than taking in the marine life frolicking in the Sea of Cortez / Pacific Ocean, while enjoying margaritas and the most breathtaking sunset? The catamaran is a perfect for special events, group tours and families. We even had the pleasure of watching a wedding proposal take place on the bow of the ship. The Tropicat team is super professional, attentive and want to make sure you are having a wonderful experience. They didn't disappoint!

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