If You're a Meeting Planner, You Really Should Be in Austin, Right Now!!!

I'm lucky enough to be speaking at the ISES Austin, 2nd Annual Day of Education and I'm the closer. Shocker. I always get the post lunch spot, or the "make sure you leave them all pumped up!" slot.

Speaking of post lunch - poor Lindsey handed me a Diet Coke and I squealed. You would've thought she showed up with caviar.

ISES has gotten a bad wrap lately, well, because of the other ISES. This one is The International Special Events Society, for the record.

My talk today is on failure. Good subject since I've had plenty of it in my life.

The key points I'm going to covered are below. If you want the whole presentation, just shoot an email to info@thepartygoddess.com and let us know that you'd like the Powerpoint. The high level stuff to post to the fridge is:

The 5 Step Process to Shortcutting Failure:

  1. Acknowledge the failure.
  2. Face it head on.
  3. Glean the message.
  4. Ask for help.
  5. Help someone else.

Some Other Great Speakers/Info:

Loved the PR Panel:

  • Talking about are press releases dead? (Not totally according to them.)
  • Don't put the main stuff in an attachment!
  • Know who you're pitching
  • Make the extra effort to get your product or service to who is covering it

Amy's Ice Cream:Amy's Ice Creams Logo


  • Gave tons of great lessons about culture
  • Notes on how they have zero pr budget but give away gift certificates, 4 to be exact, no questions asked!
  • How much they invest in employees. (Hint: A LOT)



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As a bunch of you know, I've been lucky enough to be working with my favorite software, Honeybook. If you're a meeting planner or an event coordinator, or anyone else in a creative field, you've absolutely got to check out Honeybook to streamline your processes and make more money!



How did you like ISES Austin? Tell me in the comments below? #AustinISESDoe or just Tweet my girl Lindsey, @lollingsworth @brasstacksevent or @ises_austin. xx


P.S. And go get Honeybook. And no, I am NOT being compensated for this message. Just love my peeps over there! 🙂





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