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The Ultimate Guide To Pricing Webinar - sign up image"The Ultimate Guide to Pricing: 12 Ways to Save Time & Make More Money"

You'l learn how to:
- Set your pricing specifically for your market
- Appropriately handle the competition(even when the sleaze balls keep undercutting you)
- Cement your value& get your prospective clients to understand the time involved
- Stick to your pricing& finally charge what you're worth
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If you learn best by watching, the pricing webinars above will take your business to the next level FAST.

Other FREE Resources & Profitable Small Business Ideas:

Pricing Webinar - Nail Your Pricing

Charge What You're Worth!

Are you so over clients nickel and diming you, constantly asking if you can just "take a little bit off?" I don't know, suga, do you negotiate at Neiman Marcus? Click here to get your FREE report!

7 daily emails jam packed full of pricing tips and tricks!

Attract clients you love, create your perfect pricing strategy and ditch the door knockers once and for all! Click here to start the week off right!


Pricing Webinar - Simple Tricks

Charge More without Losing Clients!

Customers are more price sensitive than ever and it's not so easy to just raise your prices. But with these simple tips, it will be and no one will even notice! Click here to get a $297 package 'fo FREE!


Find Out How Much You're REALLY Getting Paid

Even if you don't charge an hourly rate, you should know how much you DO make in order to focus and drill down on all of those freaking expenses. Click here to find out now...


Pricing Webinar - Becoming An Event Planner

Easy Tips to Brand Yourself!

Setting yourself apart from the competition is CRUCIAL. Learn how to do it the right way by clicking here.


Pricing Webinars - Top 5 Strategies image

Simple Ideas to Get Clients!

Getting clients is ALL about consistent daily action. It happens to all of us: When we're so busy servicing our clients, we forget that we've still got to maintain our marketing machine and put some new ones in the pipeline. Fall behind and you'll end up broke (don't let this happen! Click here.).


Pricing Webinar - From Chaos To Cash

Set Your Pricing!

Let's face it, most of charge based on what the competition is charging or what we "think we can get." Forget it! There's a REAL way to charge. Click here to figure out how in this report.

P.S. Check out a list of some of my favorite resources from all around the web that will keep you, your employees, & your customers happy!

Oops! And I almost forgot. The pricing webinars and special reports are just the start. You can always head over to the blog, Eyelashes & Entrepreneurship for some real time small business tips and tricks married with a little Profit Goddess! snark. ENJOY!