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Pricing: This is one of the big areas where most businesses blow up.

One of the biggest problems is we've never been taught how to set our pricing. I mean, have you ever heard of pricing school?

When you start your own company this lack of knowledge becomes disastrous.

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In this video, I explain the very big difference between actually making money vs just spinning your wheels with a glorified hobby and how you can fix your pricing once and for all.

And I actually made a video for you about this exact topic and you can check it out here:

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And oh by the way, I created this video in the first place because the overwhelming audience feedback is that you guys want to know 3 things, and one of them is HOW TO PRICE!

And then because I wanted to make this whole thing cohesive, I actually turned this into a free mini course which you can access below:

No, I'm cool being broke.

xx - Marley

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