Small business owners have to wear a TON of hats. And as women in business, it's even tougher! We're supposed to get everyone off to school, dinner on the table and THEN run a profitable business. 

Yeah right. Winds me up just thinking about it.

I’m Marley Majcher. I’m an A-list celebrity event planner who hit a million dollars in sales at 21 years old. I’ve been successfully running seven-figure businesses ever since, and I’m a mom of three.

But while I was really successful, I was also working myself to the bone 24/7, and I was exhausted. 

Then I hit rock bottom. I ended up in the hospital and quite literally, nearly died. I ignored something so small and preventable but before I knew it, the situation became critical and almost left my 3 kids without a mother.  

It was in my darkest moments in the hospital that I knew something had to change, and ever since then, I have dedicated myself to honing a process that has been proven time and time again to help business owners just like you focus on taking the RIGHT steps to move their businesses forward. Quickly.

After taking clients through this process one-on-one and watching their businesses explode, I’m now bringing my proven process online in:



Nicole was majorly stressing out. After some digging, we discovered her biggest issue: pricing. She was in a super competitive marketplace, felt like she couldn't possibly charge one more cent than she already was, but her clients wanted so much of her time that no matter how hard she tried, they could just never get enough of her.
To top it all off, Nicole's husband was asking her when she was going to turn this "hobby" into a business? Oh, and that did not go over well. Nicole knew she could do it, was super smart, her customers loved her, but she just. wasn't. making. any. MONEY.
“First, I want to thank you. Pretty much everything you suggested and the market you encouraged me to corner, not only worked, but has far surpassed my expectations (and my husband LOVES YOU.) So, thank you for being an amazing coach. But, second, now that things are so successful I want to have a couple more calls to create another game changer! ”


When does the program start?

We’ll begin September 29th and go through October 22nd. Every Saturday morning, you’ll wake up to a new module in your inbox.  Mondays, we’ll get together on a live call to dive deeper and answer your burning questions!


Donna O' Brien

“Marley brought the reality to life…”

Marley really made me feel great that my business would be a financial success by following a few easy steps. She brought the reality to life and helped me grow my business to make money! You’re the best, and I didn’t even feel stupid for one second. Thanks for everything!


Annette Naif

"She has changed the way I run my business; she showed me a more efficient way..."

Learning from her was so much fun. Her workshop was the best workshop I have ever attended and I have attended hundreds over the years.   You don't need to be an event planner to work with her. Her systems work for everyone. She is so giving and took all the time I needed to help me turn my business around. I never looked back.






I'm already up to my eyeballs in work, if I sign up for this, how am I going to be able to fit it all in?
You'll learn how to immediately cut out the stuff in your schedule that doesn't make you money so that you'll have extra time right away! (Don't know how to do this? Don't worry because it's one of the first things we'll cover!)
Do I get lifetime access to the program?
But of course! You'll be able to access all the course material forever so that you'll have the tools to solve ANY business problem that comes your way.
What Past Clients Are Saying About Our Programs

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Marley Majcher, 

The Profit Goddess!

“Ahh….thanks to you, Marley, I booked 4x as many clients in a month (you can multiply that by $1200  AVERAGE per client over 11 months)! Oh, AND I have expanded to another city with a waiting list for the whole Fall!”

Nicole Otchy, Personal Stylist

Your Biggest Business Problem Solved!

Solve your biggest business problem (hint: it's not what you think it is) in 30 days or less!

What happens if I can't make the live calls? 
It makes zero difference.  You can send in your questions ahead of time via email  and each call will be recorded and available to you, whether you were there live or not, so you'll never miss out! 


"Save time!
Make money while you sleep!

Have your car make you a sandwich!"


What is it?

What do I get?

See How Nicole's Personalized Solution System Helped Solve Her Biggest Problem: Pricing!
Nicole’s Business ROCKS Now That
She's Figured Out How Much
 Money She Was Really Making Per Client

Do you feel like you’re being plagued by the same business problem(s) over and over again? 

Are you sick of feeling like you’re spinning your wheels and wasting time on the tasks in your business that get you nowhere? 

Do you think you know what your biggest business problem is, only to solve it, and still be in a mess? 

Are you worn out by all of the internet hype and mumbo-jumbo out there screaming:

Click Here To Solve Your Biggest Business Problem

In just 4 short weeks, you will develop a rinse & repeat solution system to solve every problem you come up against in your business—over and over and over again.

4 Week Video Based Training Program

Your Biggest Business Problem Solved is a 4-week online course that I've been brewing and finessing into existence for 26 years now. 

How does it work?

Every Saturday from September 29 - October 22, 2018 you’ll wake up to a new video module in your inbox.

Then on Mondays at 5 pm PST, we’ll get together on a live call to dive deeper into that week’s module and answer your burning questions! (Can’t attend a call? No problem! Submit your question in advance and you’ll get a recording afterwards.)

Each module will have audio files, transcripts, and printouts available. Don't have time to watch a video? That's okay, just listen to the audio in the car! Hate reading? Watch the video! I’ve got you covered.

- Week 1: Discovering Your Biggest Business Problem (P.S. It's not what you think it is!)   

Using a method that has been tried & tested over and over, we'll clear out the clutter and get right to your ROOT problem so that your business can start making serious money.

- Week 2: Overcoming Your Greatest Blocks & Challenges

With a step-by-step process, we'll identify the different causes of your frustration, overwhelm, and overwork. i.e. The solution for a lack of motivation is different than the one for overwhelm. You'll learn how to apply the proper solution for the specific problem, and nope, no one-size-fits-all band-aid approaches here!

- Week 3: Creating The Action Plan

Ohhhhhh yessss, we did it. Here is your souped-up action plan and exactly how you're going to use it.  In 2 weeks together, we will have picked and pried your brain so much (doesn't hurt, promise) to create this personalized step-by-step plan & take your biz from problem to success. 

- Week 4: Putting The Plan Into Action & Road Testing It

 This is where we push you out of the nest... well, almost. You're going to fly a little lap on your own (keeping track of your progress with the checklist) & let us know how it went. Then, you bet we'll fix that little wing ‘til you're soaring solo.


Exclusive Access to Our Private Facebook Group 

(Accountability. Community. Leveraged resources. All for you!) 

Lifetime Access to All Materials 

Extra Money Making Strategies Proven to Work

Productivity Worksheets to Help Maximize Your Time and Profits Help Get You Out Of Chaos!

Money Back Guarantee! Yes. Seriously. 

How much is this life-changing experience?

Early Bird Special! - $147

Yup. That's 4 Weeks of Training For $147!

Register Now!

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

What could you possibly have to lose?

I mean, could it get any better?! 

What my illness taught me about business:

In this crazy busy world, we often ignore issues and expect them to go away. In reality, we’re just scared, not sure where to start, and are avoiding looking at what we know isn’t working. 

No, you’re not stupid. And no, you’re not the only one feeling this way. Our reluctance to address systemic issues creates chaos in our lives. Nothing can function well for very long in the midst of chaos. 

The longer we ignore a physical pain or illness in our bodies, the worse it becomes—trust me, I’d know; that’s how I almost died. 

Sometimes we can't see our own blind spots and we need someone who can do triage on our businesses, go no holds barred with us, dive in, assess the damage, help us remove our blinders, and kick us into action by reminding us of how AMAZING we really are and that there IS a way out of the darkness of our own stories. 

That's where I come in! 

Together, we'll clear out the mental clutter that is holding you back  (i.e. the excuses, addiction to perfectionism, impostor syndrome, focusing on past failures, blah blah blah) and zero in on the ROOT cause of what is holding you back from achieving the success in your business you dreamed of having. 

Are you ready to learn your step-by-step solution so easy a 9-year-old could do it? (Seriously; mine does it now.)

Well, to be quite honest, this is a limited time offer so grab it NOW.

P.S. - And oh, remember, this is EARLY BIRD SPECIAL PRICING. Get it before the price goes up, up, baby!

Shh... These bonuses won't be here forever.


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