Something smells freakin' delicioussss and it's Original Scent!


originalscent.jpgHi Guys!

What a year it's been. Freaker, I'll save you the details because my besties know it's made the rides at 6 Flags look SUPER mellow. So, you know I'm white hot on FIRE to announce my brand new, crazy great venture with 2 new rockstars - Nicole Winnaman (branding hotty extraordinaire - I call her Goldilocks actually because she's a dead ringer) and Sarah Horowitz (world renowed, literally, niche perfumer).

So here's the quick and dirty. After a lot of meetings full of wine and vodka + Diet Tonics + 3 limes, we created this new sitch, called, Original Scent. Go IMMEDIATELY, do not pass go, to (BTW, Tweet us @OriginalScent1 if you're so inclined.) Original Scent is a retail space in Pasadena, CA and an online store. Because..."Your scent is your Song." And quite frankly, your most important personal accessory. It's like your trademark, right? So at OS, we compose a scent or fragrance wardrobe that is uniquely and ONLY yours...That's right. You come into the store (or do your fragrance journey online), we then keep your own, unique, original fragrance in our magical computer system forever. You can then reorder online, and HERE'S THE BEST FREAKING PART?!...You can have your scent go into body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, roll on perfumes, linen wash, the whole gig. You'll be smelling rare from the moment you wake up until you put that pretty little head on the pillow, hot stuff! My absolute best thing? We MAKE CANDLES IN THE STORE! Yes, you go in, create your fragrance and 1-2 hours later, voila, your candle is ready for you. You can even bring in that special vessel (like Grandma's special urn or whatever) and we can fill your candle into that. Yes, right in the store. I saw it myself!!

originalscentlogo.jpgSo RUN, do not walk, do not dawdle, go to or visit us in person! Original Scent at Nikki West - 34 Hugus Alley, Pasadena, CA 91103. 626-657-2226 or email Grant:

Oh, and wait! Here's how we can work with you to mix up your next....(fill in the blank, hottie!)

* Charity Event - Blend ahead and we'll give a portion of the proceeds back to your cause. What could be a more fun way to raise money than have a party for your charity and make magical scents?

* Girls' Nights Out - We're right next to Il Fornaio so BRING THE GIRLS IN to the store and we can make a party out of it and blend away avec cocktails & hors d'oeuvres. Yes, really.

* Lazy? We'll Bring the Party To You - Listen, Sarah is the real deal. So event and wedding planners take note...we can go ALL OVER THE WORLD and blend on site at your events. Sarah's already done it. Want to blow the doors off your been-there-seen-it friends? Well, you lmk a better way to do it!

* Create Your Online Scent Profile - No need to venture out of your pj's, just click around and we'll make some magic for you!

So if you're looking for the next great charity idea, private party, girls night out, baby or bridal shower idea, HOSTESS GIFT, stop by our store or go to Remember, we sell gift certificates in ANY denomination. Mother's Day is coming up so bring your baby in and blend! My sweet Coco has already got her own scent (she's 4), called "Cocoa for Coco" and it smells like chocolate milk. She's in love. Brought it to her teacher at school. Um yeah, we kind of have trouble with my kids and school, but that's another story!!

All right loves, good to catch up. Drop me a line, say hi, Mama's white hot and ready to go!

xo Marley

PS - YES! The Party Goddess! is still going full steam ahead. Don't you think this is the perfect match? Scent blending at your next gig with us? Off.The.Chain.

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