Six Steps to SuccessSix Steps to Success...Rest???

For some reason, as soon as one of those "A blank, a blank and a blank" did something (which usually seem to be along the lines of "A priest, a rabbi and ..."), I just start to laugh. But last week, this really happened to me.


I was in a bar, not trolling - heads out of the gutter - because my lawyer suggested I meet a super good friend of his and former Olympian (evidently the Pasadena area has a lot of former Olympians, who knew?). The lawyer is more impatient than I am, so the fact that he stayed on me to meet this guy and him said a lot. Whatever, so I did it.

Net/Net, the Olympian Had Me at "Hello."

He was 5 seconds from being 64 years old, I kid you not looked not 1 second older than 42, was in PERFECT shape, perfectly dressed, casual, but very put together, and you could just tell HE was together. Trying to be polite, but still wanting  to get to the point, I was kind of like, "So what are we all doing here?" And he proceeded to tell me about this consulting business he had, whips out the amazing little road map for it and he was right. It was really good. Whatever. Lots of stuff is really good.


But I learned something more important when my lawyer asked about his young teenage daughter and how he got this girl to excel miles beyond the competition in a sport where she was 4.5" SMALLER than the average player. And this guy started to go into this whole sidebar about how he just makes sure she trains like an Olympian, and started brushing over the rest.


And I was like, waitttttt, waittttt, waittttt. What do you mean? Obviously Olympians train differently than the rest of us, but what SPECIFICALLY has made all the difference?



Don't Hit the Wall

He said that most people get training for a sport all wrong. They want to achieve whatever their goal is so badly that they just push and push and push, way past their point of fatigue, end up getting frustrated, injured, spend too long trying at the wrong time and then can't efficiently get back in the game.


Instead they should rest.




Rest? I don't know about you, but I don't hear a lot of people, other than my bf's mother, who is delightful, but not exactly head of a Fortune 50 or anything, tell people to rest. But this HARD CORE Olympian, turned Chiropractor and I think astrophysicist or something in his spare time, said we've got to rest. The formula is to train for shorter, more intense periods and then stop. Let the body and mind fully recover, then hit it hard again. (Sort of like my binge green juice drinking after all of those cupcakes I guess. I knew I was on to something.) But he talked about this system that he has created for his daughter based on how she performs best. She trains all in, then backs up, then all in, then backs up. It's a complete formula based on how she operates best, sort of like a racehorse.


And then I met the Genius. Well, he was a Genius at the Apple Store, so that certainly counts in my book. At my private class over there last week, Rian talked about why so many people get frustrated and give up before they've mastered a particular program. It's because they are oversaturated.

Backkkkk It Up, Pardner. What Did You Say?

He said, "Yes, they push too hard. They're going along great, then start to get tired, miss a step, and the whole thing snowballs and they dissolve into a heap of 'I can't do its.'" Bottom line: Their brains just can't handle any more but they want to "get it" so badly, they just keep pushing, but to their detriment. Therefore the Genius and the Olympian were saying exactly the same thing: quit BEFORE you hit the wall using this plan:


1) Determine your goal

2) Create a strategic plan to accomplish it

3) Embark upon the journey

4) Evaluate your performance (and when you get tired, stuck, overwhelmed and just plain worthless, stop)

5) Tweak the plan

6) Course correct and continue

Stop, Rest, Recover and Start Again.

And so Olympians, teenagers, Apple computer Geniuses and now yours truly are all preaching the same mantra. Figure out what you want and be super focused while you're doing it (note - no email toggling and multi-tasking) and then stop, rest, recover and start again, eyes on the prize.


So that's the lesson for the week. And in drinking my own Kool-Aid, I decided that this week - (I'm in Gilbert, AZ for two massive days locked in a room creating systems for my businesses to improve my customers' experience with us) I would take 2-1/2 days AFTER the training to regroup, rest my mind, put it all into place and THEN go back into the bull ring. This is a completely new approach for me, but one I'm dying to try. Because...


An Olympian, a Genius and a Goddess can't all be wrong, can they?


We'll see.


Tune in next week 'cause I guess we'll know by then. In the meantime, focus, rest and then...


Let's talk soon!! 🙂



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