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This week, I'm talking about multitasking and time management. Maybe this will turn out to be more of a multitasking vs. time management post, depending where I go with this. Not sure yet! But the topic certainly is apropos. As I write, I'm also opening mail, eating a salad, and waiting on hold with my insurance company while they try to distract me with some 80's hits. (As if getting caught up in a Spandau Ballet song will make me not notice that I've been holding for 14+ minutes.)

This is pretty typical for me. I usually have a pile on my desk that needs attention, so if I can get several things done at once, why not? It's not always great for my blog writing, but oh well, no biggie. Some days I sit down and write straight through. Other times I get interrupted or have a "Hey look, squirrel!" moment every 3 sentences. Today seems to be a "Look, squirrel" kind of day.

On The Clock vs. Off The Clock: Is There A Difference?

So to confirm that, I just spent close to 10 minutes in an Internet rabbit hole reading about Rick Astley. (He has a new album coming out! Still has great hair!) Hmmm... wonder why I thought of him? And someone finally answered my call, so now I'm back here to focus for a few minutes. Doing multiple things at once has become standard practice for most of us. Even in our off time, we multitask. How often do you watch Netflix while paying bills at night? Or answer emails while waiting for the pasta to boil? (Yes, I still eat pasta!) We're always trying to get the most out of every minute. And with technology and our devices making us connected and reachable 24/7, we also feel obligated to stay "on the clock."

Multitasking by definition doesn't have to involve juggling several things literally simultaneously. When I'm working on a client event, but have other projects going at the same time — like a speaking engagement and small business client coaching sessions — I consider that multitasking. If I don't spend the entire day thinking about just one project, my brain has to shift gears and switch between different types of thinking: conceptual thought in the morning; working through a list of physical to-do items in the afternoon. My work, though varied (described as 'all over the place' by some people), basically fits into 3 or 4 categories. I think that's how most people's work lives are, whether you're a business owner or an employee.

My Advice To Do Time Management Right!

So to not take up too much more of your time — in case you're reading this while paying bills, eating lunch and researching a better way to invoice your customers (or reading all about rickrolling) — here's a quick rundown of things you can do to improve your time management, while still multitasking. Because I think completely avoiding multitasking is damn near impossible for most of us.

  • What squirrel? Resist the urge to respond to every "Hey look, squirrel!" distraction that comes your way. Set aside a window of time to work on something and don't let yourself get interrupted (unless there's a fire, or someone shows up with donuts or something like that).
  • Day planner. Plan your day in advance and group similar items together so your brain doesn't have to play hopscotch between conceptual thinking and a to-do list, such as returning phone calls and other "social" tasks. If you need time to just sit and think, you're less likely to feel that you're wasting time if you've planned that time into your day. This type of planning can also help you power through certain tasks that you don't love doing.
  • It's due when? Make sure all projects (and goals!) have deadlines so you know what's urgent and what can wait. Ideally, this will also allow you the time needed for each type of project, especially when you do the above-mentioned planning!

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Be Oh So Quotable This Week!

I always say running a business means the work never ends! Ain't that the truth? I bet your to-do list is a mile long! Make sure that the items at the top of your list are the things that relate to being more profitable. Everyone is so proud of being so "busy"...But Are You Making Any Money? Don't be too busy to focus!

Check out the summary of last week's business tips and motivational quotes from my Instagram page which you hopefully got to see in real time! If not, let's make sure we're following each other on Instagram!! is this week's roundup of Instagram images of My Top Business Tips and Motivational Quotes.

Time Management – Tip #1:

A Multitasker's Guide To Time Management Skills - Steve Jobs quote

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"My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time." – Steve Jobs

Time Management – Tip #2:

A Multitasker's Guide To Time Management Skills - Franz Kafka quote

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"Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before." – Franz Kafka

Time Management – Tip #3:

A Multitasker's Guide To Time Management Skills - Paul J. Meyer quote

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"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort." – Paul J. Meyer

Time Management – Tip #4:

A Multitasker's Guide To Time Management Skills - Peter Drucker quote

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"Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else." – Peter Drucker

Time Management – Tip #5:

A Multitasker's Guide To Time Management Skills - Ralph Marston quote

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"What you do today can improve all your tomorrows." – Ralph Marston

Let's talk! I'd love to hear about your approach to time management!

Are you a master of time management? Do you sometimes feel like you're a professional multitasker? I would LOVE to hear from you! Anyhoo...I publish these business tips and motivational quotes to get you fired up for your work week!

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