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One of the benefits of ADHD, which I clearly have, is hyper focus. The beauty of hyper focus is that it allows you to go really deep into a topic, get lost and come out the other side with a pretty in depth grasp, quickly-ish, of a topic or concept.

I was at a conference with one of my closest friends, Simon T. Bailey, and the speaker talked about a common problem with entrepreneurs which is:

"You can’t read the label from inside the jar.”

None of us can.

Simply put, it’s the whole reason why it is SO OBVIOUS when your friend is dating the biggest loser ever and they just can’t see it. Because…they are in the jar and can’t read the “loser" label on the outside of it.

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When I coach clients one on one, almost inevitably it comes up where the client says to me: “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how simple that was” or “how obvious that now is” or “I’m so dumb that I didn’t realize that sooner.” Am I the most amazing coach to extract such a ha moments? Maybe, but that’s not the point. I just do what any good coach does and that is to read the label on the outside of their jar for them.

And then once they know what the label says or the secrets the jar contains, we work on a super simple solution using a specific strategy designed to get to the root of their issue so they can make more money (fix their PRICING), save time (be more PRODUCTIVE), and take their businesses to the next level while working less and making mor(PROFITABILITY)!

It IS a little bit like magic, but it’s also about having a coach who has traversed the terrain you’re on now. In researching this blog and the YouTube video I created for you here on EXACTLY this topic, I wanted to find out what percentage of Olympic athletes DON’T have a coach.

Well, it’s zero.

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But what was even more interesting was that that difference (according to Scientific American) between the super athletes and “just” your average, every day Olympians was this ONE thing: “…Super elites felt that their coaches fully satisfied their emotional needs by acting as friends, mentors and unwavering supporters – in addition to providing superb technical support."

Not only were the coaches able to read the labels for the athletes and make crucial tweaks to their performance merely because they were observing from the outside, but the super elites got so much more from their coaches – that whole cheerleader, you can do ityou’ve got this component.

That helped me understand why in so many cases I genuinely become friends with my coaching clients: Because hyper success only comes with that kind of connection.

Net/net: If you’re struggling in your small business, don’t despair. It’s not you. Well, it is you, but “you” can make so much more progress so much faster when someone you truly connect with, who, and this is CRUCIAL, has been where you are and has the skills to take you to the next level and you commit and show up to do the work. It makes all the difference and the data is 100% there to prove my point.

And Now On To Fix It Friday!

  • Every week I’m challenging myself to give you a resource that applies to the content of the blog to help you accomplish one of our top 3 goals at The Profit Goddess!: PricingProductivity or Profitability...My game changer this week is Voxer.
  • Some of you know that I like to practice what I preach and so I have a coach who turned me on to Voxer which is a walkie talkie messaging app so you can communicate with (your coach or) your team on the fly. I absolutely LOVE it. I cannot tell you how much time and money this app has saved me.
  • How we use it: We have our key team members on a daily stand up where everyone blows through their progress, plans and potential problems for the day so the rest of the team can jump in and help and realign priorities if necessary. We also have separate channels for our clients to improve efficiency. The clients can just Vox us with a quick memo about something they don’t want us to forget for their event or we can Vox them a quick photo of a floor map so they can approve it with a 2 second “approved” Vox instead of having everything always get lost in piles of email. Added bonus is you can forward Voxes AND have them easily transcribed right into punch lists so you’re always totally on top of it.

Anyway, it’s magic.

Check it out, let us know what you think and most importantly, go watch the short video I put on YouTube to read that label for ya.

Until next week –


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