I’m sure by now you’ve heard about Suri Cruise’s $6,000 Halloween costume complete with real pearls and diamonds (whether it’s real or not is another story.) Although my kids will be trick-or-treating in the blue-light special, you’ve got to admire Tom and Katie for their bold statement (even if they insist Suri designs her own clothes. Pleeeease!)

From a business standpoint, this $6,000 outfit is barely a dent in their income. According to Forbes, Tom Cruise took in $22 million last year. Since the rest of us average around $50,000 annually, a $6,000 outfit to Cruise would be the same as about a $15 costume for us. That seems about right. Not to mention the publicity and buzz surrounding the controversial dress.

Maybe 4-year-old Suri needs a million dollar birthday party...

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