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Most ezines and social media posts are all about how fabulous xyz person is....Their marriage, kids, trips to the Riviera, etc. Don't get me wrong, if you're in business, you DEFINITELY need to project a confident, on brand image.

No one wants to do business with someone they think is a total train wreck. Obvs.

But, then what do you do if you're someone like me? It wouldn't take much searching to dig up plenty of dirt on the lame mistakes I've made in my businesses and the complete and utter bombs I've been a part of.

In fact, I'm actually ashamed of how STUPID I was with regards to certain situations like:

  • Why did I hire one of my closest friends when I first started my business, KNOWING she didn't have the right skill set or fortitude? (20+ years later, by the way, she still hasn't spoken to me. And yes, I probably deserve some of that but 20 YEARS worth?)
  • OR this doozy: Why did I EVER doubt my pricing when I know EXACTLY how much time and work it takes to produce an event? 99% of my clients have never planned an event of the scale they are looking to hire me for, but yet I caved SO MANY TIMES when people asked me for a discount or didn't pay their deposits on time. I figured I had done something wrong and let them get away with it.
  • And then after tons (literally tons) of instances like those, I STILL didn't listen to my gut when it told me a client was going to be a nightmare and that I should just walk away.



Because I doubted myself.

Because I didn't have the confidence and hadn't planned responses for people who always wanted a deal.

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Quite frankly, I didn't even know who to ask for advice and if I did know of another planner who had the answer, I was too embarrassed to call them up and just say: "Hey, has this ever happened to you? What should I do?"

WHY didn't I do that?

Because I was too embarrassed/thought she would make fun of me to other planners/I would look weak/felt like I should already know the answer/etc.

Well, ya know what?

That's BULLS*@T.

EVERYONE Starts Somewhere.

EVERYONE has questions about business stuff.

And EVERYONE doubts themselves some (or a LOT) of the time.

I have coached and planned events for some of the world's wealthiest and most famous people, no joke, and you know what? Even A-list celebrities who supposedly have it all are insecure a lot of times. It's just human nature.

So what's the bottom line here?

The bottom line is that if you are someone who struggles in their business on a daily, weekly or even hourly basis, I get it. And I also get that until you feel safe enough to raise your hand and ask for help, it's easier just to search for answers behind your computer screen.

Totally get that because I do it too.

Because I want to meet you exactly where you are. I created this video about my own personal process I created to fix some ongoing issues I was having in my business. The video is totally free and I get ZERO financial gain from sharing this, but I'm going to do it anyway.

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In this Oscar worthy - not - performance, I walk you through a couple of my own personal scenarios (and yes, I was embarrassed shooting this video) because maybe, just MAYBE one of you guys needs it.

Maybe one of you needs a little confidence boost or just a soft place to land with someone who totally gets it.

Please watch the video, subscribe to my YouTube channel if you're so inclined and if or when you feel comfortable enough to do so, let me know if it made a difference.

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Many, many times I wished I had gotten a random email out of the blue from someone willing to admit things aren't always as perfect as they seem and sometimes business just isn't fun.

Have a good one - until next week!

xx - Marley

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