Quick start

Rabbit Coaching

If you don’t have the time or money to spend on hiring your own personal business coach to help you be super efficient, get new clients and give you a “plan” you can still quickly figure out how to focus on what’s important, once and for all. Rabbit Coaching includes a Quick Start Call designed to get you up to speed the second you sign up, a Weekly Business Development Video providing step-by-step guidance to make more money, land more clients and use your time more efficiently, and 1 LIVE Q&A Call a month full of applicable content, strategies and tricks to do MORE with LESS.

Rabbit Express

This program takes Rabbit Coaching to the next level and also includes one-on-one time with Marley! Rabbit Express includes a Quick Start Call so you hit the ground running as soon you sign up, a Weekly Business Development Video guiding you through a step-by-step plan of action designed to show you (exactly) what to do that week, and 2 LIVE Q&A Calls to get more personal access to Marley every month to focus on what you need at that moment. Rabbit Express also includes a personal 30-minute Strategy Session every 3 months to work through your business growth directly with Marley.

Monthly Mentorship

This program is a great way to get personal coaching with Marley for a manageable monthly fee. The Monthly Mentorship program provides a 30-minute call with Marley every month to keep moving you forward in building your business, as well as a monthly 2-hour Q&A Call where you can submit your questions for Marley to address for the benefit of the entire group.

Ramp it up

Double (Or Even Triple) Your Hourly Rate

Here’s how you can get clear advice on doubling (or even tripling!) your hourly rate! It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about your business, how good you are at it, how much you "care" about your clients. Your natural talent and goodness has no impact whatsoever if you can’t charge what you’re worth and be valued for the service you provide. Now you can confidently charge the hourly rate you know you’re worth, over and over, all the time!

Here is what’s included in this 5 week, action packed program:

  • Quick Start Call to help you get the most out of the program, as soon as it starts!
  • Training Video 1 – Raising your prices without raising them
  • Training Video 2 – Getting a LOT more efficient
  • Training Video 3 – Slashing those expenses
  • Training Video 4 – Putting it all together
  • Live Q&A Call
  • Bonus Strategy Session with Marley

Cashmere Lite

Now you can learn how I personally get my clients, close the deals, and price my services without leaving money on the table. This “deep dive” into the areas of getting new customers, managing objections, setting up and maintaining your pricing system, and shoring up your contracts, provides the support and systems to grow your business today.

You’ll get:

  • Quick Start Call – Clear the Decks for Success
  • Training Video 1 – Getting Your First (Or Next) Five Clients
  • Training Video 2 – Managing Objections & Writing the Script
  • Training Video 3 – Proposing and Parameters
  • Training Video 4 – Pricing for Profit
  • Live Open Q & A Call
  • Training Video 5 – Putting it all together

Bring it on

Book of Hours

When you have a specific project in mind that you’re trying to tackle (whether it be how to get more customers, take your business to the next level, tweak your pricing, build your business model, or create your unique selling proposition), and feel like you’re getting stuck doing it on your own, you can work directly with Marley by purchasing a Book of Hours (BOH). BOH are offered in a package of 6 hours where you can work directly with Marley on a specific project or business issue. Email to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session with Marley.


Want more time with Marley? You can have her all to yourself with a one-on-one Mastermind. Masterminds can be virtual or in-person, for half-day or a full-day. For more information, please email If this is something you would be interested in pursuing, we will follow-up to schedule a 25-minute Strategy Session with Marley to review your specific needs and see if a Mastermind is a fit for you.